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In the last 6 years Mida grupa d.o.o. has successfully managed, or is still managing, the liquidation of 8 leasing companies and 2 project companies that were established with the aim of developing real estate for residential-business purposes.

After a thorough in-depth analysis and development of a liquidation plan, Mida grupa d.o.o. would, as an external partner, take over the management and other key functions within the company organization in order to implement the plan and achieve the set goals which included accelerated sale of assets, early loan/lease repayments, cost optimization and elimination of business risks.

With exceptional commitment and dedication, delivered results were above expectations, which means that the clients’ exit strategy was ahead of expected deadlines with significantly higher net inflows due to the fast and efficient liquidation of fixed assets with minimal operating costs.

In addition, for the needs of clients, we carried out the merger of companies in the same ownership and successfully participated in the preparation and sale of the portfolio of assets or entire companies.

We were invited as a buyer in one process and we successfully took over one company. All companies are from the territory of the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Slovenia.

Services include:

In-depth business analysis
Preparing documentation for liquidation
Prescribed consultations with HANFA
Liquidation plan
Liquidation management
Business process optimization
Liquidation cost optimization
Human recourses management
Performing loan portfolio management
Non-performing loan portfolio management
Sale of assets
Real estate portfolio property and facility management
Legal, financial and tax advising
Regulatory and internal reporting
Preparation of sale of asset portfolios and companies
More than 30 successfully
completed projects
More than 100 million
EUR assets under management
More than 40
satisfied customers


The success of every project largely depends on quality of preparation and planning.

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